DATO nextDrive -Guidances to defectiveness identification
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DATO nextDrive -Guidances to defectiveness identification
Guidances to defectiveness identification
Reset to factory default
It can be performed and recommended by nextDrive for suspected defective:
  • Copy reset program “NEXTDRVUPD.BD” to your USB pendrive
  • Stick the USB to the Plug’s USB port and power up nextDrive
  • The Plug will boot up with rapid LED flashing (blinks in blue first, then red) which indicates that the reset is in progress ( takes around 2 minutes)
  • Wait till the LED turns to solid blue
  • Reset done
  • Please never cut off the power supply or unplug the Plug during the resetting of the plug.
Power Up Sequence
The LEDs on a functioning Plug should blink in following pattern when powered up
  • Blue blinks for 20 seconds; followed by:
  • Solid blue (in AP mode) / Solid white ( when programmed and connected to an internet accessible Wi-Fi AP)
If the Plug’s LED indicators show in any patterns listed below after powered up, it is considered defective and should be returned to Datotek for investigation
  • No lights at all
  • Blue blinks continues (never turn solid blue)
  • Red blinks only
  • Solid red only
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